Dance In Possibility, Discovery Call

Are you ready to dance in possibility and play a big game so that you can win big? I work with budding and growing entrepreneurs who are sick of the hustle and ready to make six figures from their dream business and live a life they love. The work we do is transformational, deep, and the real effing deal.

Sound like your cup of possibili-tea? Request a call with me and we’ll get together for a coaching experience that will allow you to snuggle up to your power, value, and capacity.

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Rise Leadership Circle

Are you ready to live an epic life and make your mark on the world?

Rise Leadership Circle is a company and a community committed to creating abundance, generosity, and possibility for all of our members and the world.

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Goal Getters Group Coaching

Goal Getters Group Coaching is for the person who is ready to step into her power and create results now. Together for 90 days, an intimate group of no more than 6 people will bring their best to be supported, stretched, and shine. This is deep work that reveals how we are not alone and together we an all rise. Each week participants bring whatever area of business or life they would like to be coached on and the transformation begins!

In service of each participant being in best, most supportive space for her all spaces for this program are filled via Possibility Calls.

Goal Getters begins February, June, and September 2018.

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1:1 Ontological Coaching

This is where true transformation happens. During 1:1 coaching we will snuggle up to every area of your life that you are ready to elevate. You are in the drivers seat, creating your dream life with no limits. You will get clear on exactly what it is that you desire, supported while you remove road blocks and learn how to stay out of your own way, and held accountable while you get into action from a powerful place of being.

This work is two-fold. On the forefront we are working to create tangible results by following a blueprint perfectly designed for you. Behind the scenes we’re digging into the shifts in who you are being so that you can operate as your most powerful, self living in full capacity.

Coaching is one hour per week, four times per month, for a minimum of 6 months.

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VIP Half Day Intensive

Go behind the scenes of your own dream life and start to fulfill on your desires now. This is perfect for the person who is up to something big and needs support to get clear, remove a roadblock, or launch into action in just one shot. If you’ve already worked with a coach before or you’re new to coaching and want to experience the power this is your gig. The investment you make in this VIP half day intensive on YOU is worth it. Your dreams are waiting.

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This experience is for a group, or a couple of superstars. We’ll feed off of each other’s electric energy and #vibesohard. Workshops are customized to the desired outcomes of the group to generate impacting results.

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