Step Into Possibility, Discovery Call

Time to get your groove on. Are you feeling stuck? Almost ready to do something big but holding yourself back? What’s that thing at home, work, in your relationship (or lack of), with your health, or finances that you want to shift but haven’t gotten around to yet? Let’s put our noggins together and co-create the start of your next big breakthrough.

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Goal Getters Boot Camp

Goal Getters live in possibility and make $hit happen. They realize the juicy life they crave is connected to crushing their goals and being a total boss. During this four week boot camp we’ll get outside of the circumstances and build lives by design.

Boot Camp calls are virtual for one hour per week and run for four consecutive weeks.

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VIP Half Day Intensive


Go behind the scenes of your own dream life and start to fulfill on your desires now. This is perfect for the person who is up to something big and needs support to get clear, remove a roadblock, or launch into action in just one shot. If you’ve already worked with a coach before or you’re new to coaching and want to experience the power this is your gig. The investment you make in this VIP half day intensive on YOU is worth it. Your dreams are waiting.

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Ontological Coaching

Build a powerful life on purpose. The work we’ll do together is two fold. On the forefront we’ll discover the awesome things that you’re up to in life, and then get psyched as you experience them coming to fruition. This is not small potatoes, it’s the stuff you really want, the stuff that seems impossible (it’s not!). Behind the scenes we’ll be creating a transformational shift with the person you’re being. Being = the person you and others see you as. There is a rock star inside you, let’s let her/him have center stage.

Coaching is one hour per week, four times per month.

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Group Coaching

Grab the gang and let’s rock. Group coaching is ideal for a business, organization, or partners who want to sing a song of possibility. There is strength in numbers and everyone can grow together sharing of each other’s knowledge and insights. In group coaching two monthly sessions will be held.

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This experience is for a group, or a couple of superstars. We’ll feed off of each other’s electric energy and #vibesohard. Workshops are customized to the desired outcomes of the group to generate impacting results.

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