27 November - 2018
YES Yourself Shamelessly By: Kaela Gedda, 0 Comments

Are you guilty of giving yourself and your dreams a big, fat NO lately?

Maybe it was more subtle, still a no to yourself but one that you justified with logic, reason, and evidence that you’re not worthy.

Perhaps it was a really sneaky no. You know that you’re totally worthy and could do it, but somehow you end up talking yourself out of it, and you have one helluva reason why. You’re going to do it soon after all…

There can be shame in giving ourselves the green light. Am I being selfish or frivolous? Do I really need it? What will others think about me if I say yes? Does this make me too ________?

All this to provoke the question, how can I YES myself?

Furthermore, how can I YES myself shamelessly?

The answer is simple, and takes practice, choose both/and. So often the reason that we are saying no to ourselves is because we’re operating with the illusion that it has to be either/or.

Either I can be a present mom or a successful entrepreneur.
Either I can eat healthy and exercise or I can honor my body.
Either I can hustle to reach my goal or I can choose self care.

Either/or scenarios create an experience of scarcity and back us into a corner of choosing no, or feeling shame for choosing yes.

Try this on…

I am both a present mom and a successful entrepreneur.
I both eat healthy and exercise and I honor my body.
I both reach my goal with urgency and I choose self care.

YES! This is possible. Shifting from either/or thinking to both/and possibilities is a practice, and a game changer.

What are you going to yes yourself shamelessly on?

You deserve it,