25 December - 2018
What Would Mary Do By: Kaela Gedda, 1 Comments

Christmas Day marks the celebration of Jesus’ birth. It also marks the day that Mary delivered the impossible. A virgin mother delivering a miracle.

As an entrepreneur there are certainly times (every day) when I feel like miracles are a big part of my business plan. Even with the best strategies and well thought out game plans, being in business means being in the business of miracles.

It’s fun to get curious about what Mary, mother of miracles, would do in situations like so many lady bosses find them selves in.

What would Mary do when she found herself in a place of doubt?

I wasn’t around during Mary’s time, but I feel confident in saying that Mary was no stranger to doubt. I imagine that what Mary would do in a moment of doubt is connect to the vision greater than her. To get outside of thinking about her limitations and connect with the amazing power of the universe, acting in her favor in every minute.

What would Mary do when she experienced others not believing in her?

This is one that we have historical testimony of happening, lots of people called BS on Mary carrying God’s son. Nevertheless, she persisted. She continued on, trusting herself and her truth, she was a conduit for miracles.

What would Mary do when what she was doing seemed crazy?

Let’s be honest, being a virgin mom DOES sound crazy. So do A LOT of the goals that we set as entrepreneurs. Mary knew it was crazy and fulfilled on her commitments anyway. She allowed herself to work through fear instead of being stopped by it.

So what would Mary do?

Trust that she was the woman for the job, divinely selected.

So are you.

Merry Christmas, from one miracle conduit to another.

Xo, Kaela