11 December - 2018
How I Built a Multi-Six Figure Business with an Email List of 500 in Less than 40 hours per Week By: Kaela Gedda, 0 Comments

Every time I’m reminded of the results I’ve created I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I know that these results are not mine alone, they have been co-created thanks to God, my team, my clients, and all of the people who love and support me.

Not long ago I was sitting in my bed on a cold January night craving chocolate feeling sorry for myself that my boyfriend lived in another state, I was drowning in debt, and that I was unfulfilled. I know what it’s like to feel far away from results like this.

I dreamed of feeling fully liberated and like I was really living my purpose. I wanted to make an impact in the world. And I wanted it to happen fast and without hustle.

I had no clue how.

In that moment a miracle happened. Mid Facebook scroll I came across the exact message that I needed to know what was next for me: I was going to take the leap and sign up for a coach training program. I was going to transform my life so that I could support others to do the same.

One week later I was enrolled in a program about to start in three weeks. (Having generated $16,000 for the tuition even though I was $100,000 in debt with student loans and medical bills. That was the second miracle.)

Two months into the year long training I made a declaration to myself, my close friends and my family that I was planning to quit my job in 6 months.

Six months later I had fulfilled on my promise to myself, I was an entrepreneur. While I had clients in the previous months, there were none currently on my roster. This meant that I was starting at zero. Zero clients, zero dollars, zero clue how to actually make this work.

In my first year I generated my first six figures. I built up a small community and decided I was not interested in 5 day weeks, or even 4 week months when it came to work.

Year two continued to bring more miracles, I was now creating multi-six figures, still with an email list of 500 and while taking Fridays off and traveling one third of the year.

These are the four steps that I took starting on day one and continue to take every day.

1. I connect with my vision.
I got clear that what I was up to was about something much bigger than me. I knew that there was a large vision I was here to experience, one that was about the impact I could make by living out my purpose.

I do deep vision work yearly, monthly, with each new moon and full moon, and daily. I let myself be employed by my vision. Vision is what drives every choice I make.

2. I serve generously.

When I was first getting started I realized the the one resource that was abundant to me was my gift to serve people. I did this by getting on the phone and cozying up at coffee shops to find out how I could serve other people. I asked who I could connect them to and how I could support the dreams they were creating.

As I grew I began to expand how I served. I realized that sharing my truth with content in blogs and social media posts was another way to serve. I hosted workshops and online challenges. I began to share live videos about my experience and answering the questions of others. I became a generous listener knowing that as humans we want to be heard. By actively listening I could be in service to anyone I met.

Rather than thinking I need to get in front of EVERYONE I got in front of the people I knew that I could serve and continue to serve them generously again and again. I build trust and rapport and support my clients to get results.

3. I made it about the other person.

I knew that in order to have a business I would need clients, and that no one would want to work with me simply because I had an opening. I realized that if I was worried about being salesy or pushy by inviting someone to work with me I was actually making it about me. Thinking “How am I coming across to them?”

Instead, I got over myself and made it about them. When I was generously listening and asking deep questions I focused on what the person wanted. When I was clear that I could help them I made an invitation in service of them. I stood for the other person to be a yes for their transformation. This was both uncomfortable and freeing. As I continued to do it those I was talking with were committing to their dreams, and as a result my business was growing.

4. I relentlessly invest in myself.

In my first week of being an entrepreneur I made three investments in myself that made me want to poop my pants. I said yes to myself with a year long membership at the new workout studio that opened that I was in love with. When I was taking barre classes I felt strong and invigorated. I knew that feeling this way every day would help me grow my business, and making a monthly payment would ensure I showed up.

I also said yes to myself with a year long treatment plan at the chiropractic office I had recently had an evaluation at. I saw that after my adjustments I was feeling better and that committing to the plan suggested by the doctors was a way to keep my health and self care a priority.

And I said yes to myself by hiring a coach. The monthly investment in this was more than my rent, so I was weak in the knees, and also 100% committed to my vision. I knew that by being supported I could create what I desired faster and easier. I was right.

I continue to invest in myself with time and money at a high level. I am the queen of self care and the way that I am supported with some of the most renown coaches and training programs in the country continues to uplevel the way that I show up for myself, others, and the world.

By committing to these four steps when I started and still today I am grateful that I’ve been able to generate incredible results without hustle. It really can be fun, easy, and fast to make an impact for the people we are meant to serve.

What would be possible if you connected to your vision, served generously, made it about the other person, and relentlessly invested in yourself?

Let’s find out 🙂