18 December - 2018
Rise Leadership Circle is Born By: Kaela Gedda, 0 Comments

It was a Wednesday morning, the third week of July. After a powerful session with my coach I went on a walk to create space for all of my thoughts. While walking I was flooded with inspiration and ideas of how to serve the people I most wanted to work with. I opened up the notes app on my phone and began voice recording all of the divine downloads that I was receiving.

I noted things like, “The ripple effect is helping others have their dreams realized.”

“The only way to get where we’re going is with everybody on board.”

“Your dreams come true when you help other people create their dreams to come true.”

“Rise leadership, rippling waves of transformation through empowered entrepreneurs and leaders.”

I was so excited that when I got home I sat in my hammock and called my mom. She answered right away and said, “Kaela, I just had the most amazing meditation.”

In my excitement I interrupted and said, “That’s great mom, but I need to tell you about what I just created.” After I shared she was silent for a moment.

Then she said, “That’s exactly what came to me in my meditation. Even the name Rise was clear to me.”

Woah. We both sat there. We had just had the same vision, at the same time, while being across the country from one another.

“I guess we’re supposed to do something with this” I said. She agreed. We hung up and I immediately called my accountant and my business attorney to schedule meetings for the next week. We were about to launch a new business.

Rise Leadership Circle was born.

I am grateful and excited for this next chapter with my mom and new business partner. Our mission with Rise Leadership Circle is to create a community to provide coaching and accountability for conscious entrepreneurs ready to live their dreams now.

There is another exciting chapter in the making of RLC, our website is live! We are so grateful for the talent of RLC members Alex VandeHei with HeiPro Digital for the website design and creation, and Sarah Schrader of Sarah Schrader Design for creating our logo and branding. It takes a village.

Visit us at RiseLeadershipCircle.com. We’re waiting to help bring your dreams to life.