05 September - 2017
Reaching Your Dreams is Easier and Closer than You Think By: Kaela Gedda, 0 Comments

Think back to a recent goal you were dead set on achieving. When you were so close you could smell it did you laser in and go all out?

That’s what happens for most of us. When there is something we want so bad, like really really bad, we zero in on only the thing we’re trying to achieve. In theory, that might work. We might remove all distractions and keep us focused on the prize.

The other thing that tends to happen in that space is that we go into hustle mode (guilty.) We burn the midnight oil, burn ourselves out, and sometimes burn a relationship or two in the process. We get obsessed over our goal and grind it out to bring it home.

My three month old puppy Murray recently reminded me of this. Inside the corner of his crate lay a new tennis ball. Murray was determined to get this ball from inside the crate. On the other side of the metal cage he was digging, chewing, and crying desperately trying everything in his power to get that ball. He was in straight hustle mode. And though he was right on top of the ball, it was clear that no matter how much he clawed, chewed, or cried that ball was not getting through the crate.

Less than a half foot to his right was the wide-open doorway to get inside the crate. All Murray had to do was take a step back and walk in to get the ball. Easy-peasy.

Watching him I thought about how many times this happened in my life. How often was I “digging, chewing, and crying” to get to a goal when all I had to do was walk in the open door a step away?

As I reflected I thought of many times when my goal was easier and closer than I thought, and way more fun to get than being in hustle mode. What about you? Where are you hustling? Is that grinding keeping you from seeing the open door waiting for you to walk through?

Take it easy Possibilitarian,