01 January - 2019
Let’s Do This By: Kaela Gedda, 0 Comments

Welcome to 2019! I want to HEAR from you (let’s kick this accountability off strong!) Comment on this post and tell me, what are you committed to creating in 2019?

What is the dreamy biz goal that you are courageously claiming as possible?
What luxurious self care routine are you stepping into?

It is my honor to partner with you in this process of bringing your dreams to life. Here’s how we can work together in 2019:

VIP Intensive Days
Whether we get together for a half day or a full day, it’s guaranteed that we’ll make some magic happen.

These 1:1 experiences are for the woman who wants to dig deep into an expanded vision of what is possible and do some soul level work on what’s keeping her from experiencing that now. We shatter limiting beliefs and reconnect you with your truth. Then we build the game plan. You leave knowing not just what is going to happen but HOW it gets to be created, sans hustle.

Rise Leadership Circle
RLC has a spot for every conscious entrepreneur. Community, coaching, and leadership are the cornerstones of every option, with the result being Your Dreams created.

Core Circle provides high level accountability within intimate inner circles, group coaching, and weekly business training.

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Elevate Circle includes everything in Core plus advanced mastermind coaching and 1:1 coaching as well as elevated leadership training so that you can own your personal power like never before.

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RLC Retreats are an opportunity of get together with your soul sisters and celebrate. We head to a charming location for fun, community, and support to propel your business to the next level.

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As always, I love the chance to support you with free content and resources daily in my private FB group, Possibilitarian Power Pack.

Cheers to a magical 2019. Let’s do this!