29 August - 2017
An Open Letter to My Mom By: Kaela Gedda, 0 Comments

Dear, Mom–Happy Birthday!


While I was thinking about your special day I started to reflect on all that I’ve learned from you. Not just because of  the lessons that you’ve made it a point to teach me, but truly because of the woman that you are.


It is no surprise that at the age of 26 I had the courage to leave my cushy, full time job in Corporate America to venture into entrepreneurism, I have had your example of courage and what it’s like to be an entrepreneur my entire life.


Thank you for being courageous. Thank you for being a single mom who always figured it out. I know at times it was tough, really tough, but I didn’t ever feel it. What I felt was your strength, brave heart, and firm knowing that God was working magic. And you were working to show us what was possible.


Thank you for being possibility. Thank you for showing me that it is possible to follow your heart, to launch a successful business, and to follow your heart again. Thank you for standing in your truth of what is possible, especially love.


Thank you for being love. Your love is more expansive than any other love I’ve ever felt. You are not just my mom, you are my best friend, my colleague, and my confidant. Your love is what grows our family and has us showing up as the best team we can be. Your love is what is changing the life of every person you work with. Thank you for being a coach committed to your clients loving themselves for who they are.


Thank you for being a coach and leader. There is no doubt that the reason I am a coach is because you became one first. You opened me up to the way that I could use my talents and serve the world. I knew this would be fulfilling and rewarding because I see you being a coach each day.


Thank you for being beautifully you inside and out. Who you are at your core is what inspires me to be who I am. I don’t even need to comment on how your love radiates through your smile, it is so obvious to everyone who sees you.


Mom, I am grateful for who you are today and every day. You are my inspiration.


And for everyone else reading this letter, I hope you can also send my mom some love today. She is one hell of an amazing woman. Who is your muse? What is the thing that is pulling you toward your passion? What would happen if you followed your heart?


Generations of magic I bet.