12 September - 2017
3 Steps to Living a Love Filled Life By: Kaela Gedda, 0 Comments

What is the experience of life that you want to have? Take a deep breath, close your eyes, soak in what it would be like to feel this.


What do you feel? Joy, bliss, fulfillment, achievement, success, pride, gratitude? What about love?


I want to experience all of those things and so much more. And I’m fortunate because I am. The more that I focus on calling that experience into my life the more I have it. What I have found is that when I want #AllTheFeels what it really boils down to is an experience of love.


So how does one live a love filled life? Here are the three steps that quickly reconnect me to love and allow that to be the foundation for my life.


1. Be in gratitude. Thinking, visualizing, writing in my journal, or vocally expressing all that I am grateful for brings me to a space of love instantly. When we are present to every wonderful thing in our life it is challenging to feel anything other than love. We can also be in gratitude for the things that we may not have yet experienced, but we trust that undoubtedly will if it serves the greatest good.


2. Ask, “What would create more love?” In any situation we have a choice between many actions we can take. To live a love filled life allow the guiding light to the next action be the answer to this question. When we act intentionally to create more love it is certain that more love will exist.


3. Receive love openly. To live a love filled life we have to be willing to accept that there is love all around, we can choose to experience it if we allow ourselves. The simple, kind gestures happening around us are acts of love. Allow yourself to receive the offer to refill your coffee, to cross the street in front of the car who stopped and waved, and to truly sink into the gratitude behind “thank you” when someone acknowledges you.


Where in your life is there an opportunity to live more filled with love? Consider your relationships with others, the way we interact with others who seem to differ on views and opinions, and especially the relationship you hold with yourself.


Living a love filled life is contagious. Share with me where you want to spread more love in your life.


All the feels,