13 November - 2018
3 Entrepreneur Myths Busted By: Kaela Gedda, 0 Comments

As an entrepreneur, especially a female entrepreneur, I often find myself hearing, and occasionally momentarily believing, dangerous myths.

Let’s bust them up!

Myth 1: Hard work creates success.

Hard work can create success. What I find more often is that it creates exhaustion, burn out, and a disconnect from the motivation to create success in the first place. Hard work is 2 things: 1) hard 2) work.

When we believe the myth that we have to work hard to create success we typically end up getting in our own way and having it take longer to get where want to go. We can choose the path of hustle if we want to, and there is another way.

Tap into intuition. Intuition is an internal easy button. It takes away guessing, needing to chart out pros and cons, and having to figure things out by struggling. Our intuition comes from source. It can see things that we can’t currently see (unless were tuned in to our intuition.)

We tap into our intuition by getting quiet, by letting the inner critic have the day off. We tap into our intuition by connecting with our heart and body and feeling our way. Intuition creates more than success, it create flow and ease.

Myth 2: It’s lonely at the top.

This is one myth that I long subscribed to. I would repeatedly (and subconsciously) slow myself down and get into my own way because of the belief that if I create the success I crave those closest to me won’t relate or celebrate with me.

Praise God that I was wrong. It’s lonely at the top is a big, fat myth! Here’s what’s real, together we rise. Amen!

Together we rise. We get to the top (and get to keep creating new tops) by being on the journey with the people we love. Is this good news or what?! The way that we rise together is by being in community. By playing team, giving and receiving, we get to all go.

Myth 3: Better managing time creates results.

Myth, myth, myth. Consider this, time doesn’t need managing. Time has been around, well, forever. It keeps going whether we’re trying to manage it or not.

Our attempts to manage time are really a sneaky way to keep us playing small. Managing time has us victim to to-do lists and slave to our calendars. It doesn’t create results or wealth, only completed tasks and paychecks.

Instead of managing time we can powerfully choose where we focus our energy. What if the majority of your energy was on actions and experiences that were high vibe and high impact? Results, sister!

Which of these 3 myths are you going to jump in and bust for yourself?