The way I intend others to experience me is as power, hearth, warmth, bliss, and curiosity. As an Ontological Life Coach my jam is supporting trailblazing entrepreneurs who are up to BIG things. I am trained through Accomplishment Coaching and Health Coach Institute’s Holistic MBA. Additionally, I hold a BA in English and Communication from St. Norbert College, a liberal arts school in my Wisconsin hometown. I play in possibility full out and hold space for others to do the same in her own unique way.


The Juicy Dish:

I always considered myself solution oriented. If something needed to be done I would find a way. I was a fixer. The only problem with being a fixer is that it implies that there is always a problem to fix. I got my high from chaos and putting out fires, which meant I was inviting fires into my life just to swoop in and save myself from them.

Eventually I started to realize that all my fire starting and extinguishing was draining. I was clear that my destiny was to put good into the world, and I was hoping there would be another way than just by solving problems. This is how I found myself enrolled in Accomplishment Coaching.

I was ready to play big. The first day of training I was standing in front of the room telling my life story and one of the coach leaders said to me, “What if there was nothing to fix?” Busted. I hadn’t even mentioned my desire to fix what’s broken in so many words and there was my obsession with fixing like a scarlet letter.

kaela-157That sent a shock through my system. What does she mean, “nothing to fix?” I grappled with it, meditated on it, and asked for guidance. This is the day I became a possibilitarian.

“What’s possible here?” is a profound question I ask myself and my clients on repeat. Possible looks beyond probable and soars over doubt. Possibility shakes things up, and believe me, I am into shaking.

I took a leap and began living life on purpose. With my possibility shades on it was time to be authentic and strip the uncomfortable layers of control, planning, fear, judgement, and all of the “I’m not _____ enough” I was wearing. Talk about liberating! What I found at my core was power, heart, warmth, bliss, curiosity.

I got to know the real me, under all the layers of doubt I wore for all those years. Then I got to work. There were scraped knees and bloody noses– internal work is the real deal. I am still, and will forever be evolving, and I enjoy every minute of it.

The overall shift I’ve created and the bliss I live in is not because my life is perfect. My life is perfect because stuff happens every day and I step into it, fully present. I am faced with battling priorities, schedule conflicts, and tough decisions every day just like everyone else. I still find that my inner Control Barbie shows up every once and awhile: a great reminder to get out of my own way and set my sights on what’s possible. Possibility is where the magic lives.

Are you ready to start ordering miracles for breakfast? (That’s what possibilitarians eat you know.) Hop over to my instagram and introduce yourself to me. Let’s be in possibility together.

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